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The first pancake is always the ugliest.

  1. I guess my new favorite TV show is LB playing Nintendo.

Steroid abuse at The Kentucky Derby? I still fail to understood the problem with performance enhancing drugs. If your job is to run fast, crush skulls and smash home runs, then why can’t you make the personal choice? MLB? I say feed them all the drugs they want, lock them on the fields with their bats and steel spikes and let them go to work on each other. It makes for good sport.

I’m all for the people putting gasoline in plastic bags & Tupperware. I’d encourage it with a few folks I know. Always keep an eye out for ways to thin the herd.

Pogonophobia is the fear of beards.

Why are math & science at the top of the list? If you can read, you can teach yourself to do all of that and more. Let’s go public ed! … Remember? – when our teachers would say, ‘You’re not always gonna have a calculator in your pocket.’

Who cares about Chick-fil-A dip? Tell me about the Zax Sauce!?

Lumber has finally reached beef jerky level prices.

Relish does not belong in deviled eggs.

Listening lately: Steve Winwood turned 73 this week, The Police, Third Eye Blind, Steve Earl, Lumineers, Daft Punk, Jefferson Airplane, Randy Travis, Matisyahu, Amos Lee, Bowie

Danny Elfman new double album “Big Mess”, coming June 11th – First solo record in 37 years!

We’ll never replace Chris Cornell, ‘Not no way – Not no how!’ … But Ian Thornley & Big Wreck is definitely worth a look & listen. Go on. Do it…Eh? Maybe. Just a little bit. Yeah. A tad. Solid stuff.

Robert Plant solo is not that good.

Sloop John B. is the best from The Beach Boys.

A group of hippos is called a “bloat.”

They say yawns are infectious; I can watch my dogs yawn all day and …nothing. It must be interspecies connected.

“It’s simple science. We will never know what our boogers smell like.” – #LaneyBell

Which bear is the most condescending? A pan-duh!

“Stupidity talks, vanity acts.”
– Victor Hugo



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