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Defund the 4th of July: It scares small children, the animals, veterans and old folk, which is now the American way it seems. I’ll look at them if I’m around, but I absolutely loathe your explosions. The worst holiday by a mile.

Congrats to the NCAA student athletes who carry the weight of big business college athletic program fat cats on their backs. Hey rednecks, you wanted a truly free market, you’re getting it.

This week we freed Bill Cosby, but not Brittnay Spears? Neat. Also, #FreeShaCarri

I had blood drawn this week and did not pass out.

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn changed my life forever – mostly for the good. Be warned – you can’t unread. About to start my 7th pass.

The 3 dogs usually get the last 3 bites of my meals. As it should be.

It’s baffling what some folks get bent out of shape over VS what they’re willing to accept. Hypocrisy is a disease and is running amok.

LOCAL – Today – Butler County fair terrapin race 7am at the softball field & Kayak float 8am in Woodbury / Sunday night 9pm fireworks in Morgantown tune into 101.5 WLBQ

Real local radio caller:
“”Why are there no obituaries today or yesterday?””
Because no one died…
…Well, I really enjoy hearing them. Maybe tomorrow then? …
…May be. Thanks for listening.

I’ve been watching DVDs like a caveman, but finally, on my birthday, received the 4K/BluRay special edition of the Back to the Future Trilogy. Over the past three weeks I’ve watched all three, with and without the commentary + a slew of special features. I seriously doubt there will ever be a series more in tune with my sensibilities than this one. LB is in line as my successor. #BTTF4Life A+++

In case you were wondering-My top 10 Bill Murray movies, in order…
1. Groundhog Day
2. Caddyshack
3. Ghostbusters
4. Life Aquatic
5. What About Bob?
6. Scrooged
7. Stripes
8. St. Vincent
9. Hyde Park on Hudson
10. King Pin

Listening lately: Alan Silvestri compositions, Chuck Berry, Kentucky Headhunters, Dry Land Fish, sea shanties, John Mayer, Jimmy Buffet, Pink Floyd, Jason Isbell –

Dad Joke – Did you hear about the guy who invented the knock-knock joke? He won the ‘no-bell’ prize.

How busy are you?
“I’m busier than Lee Greenwood on the 4th of July.” – J. Gregory



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