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If you must have a hole in your sock, hope for the heel.

I’d take a pair of the Devil Nikes if someone gave them to me, likewise with the Jesus kicks, but $1,000 a pair!? I absolutely love it when folks get bent out of shape over something as arbitrary as shoes. Also, seems a bit unsanitary 🩸 to me.

I count faster sometimes over others, but the last 45 seconds of every shower is reserved for cold water. Good for the soul & circulation.

Stand alone Fruity Pebbles coffee creamer tastes just like Fruity Pebbles, delicious. Actually stirred in the coffee – More like Fruity POOPles, eh? Whatever. Not good.

High heels were originally worn by men – 10th century European men wore heeled boots to make it easier to stay in their stirrups while riding a horse. Since they showed that the wearer owned horses, high heels became associated with the upper class.

No more temperature checks at school? I thought that was a good idea, even in a non-Covid world. But nobody called to ask me…

Life is cheap. Living is expensive.

So far, I’ve managed to make it through the pandemic on the same 2 masks. LB is on mask #338.

Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 2 (‘84/‘87 Rewatch) Before the family friendly lost soul you behold today, Eddie was in his prime. Plus + Judge Reinhold & Balki Bartokomous? Yesir! Good action cupcakes, frosted in laughs. Holds up. Best bit : Rolling Stone Magazine scene. A+

Hot Tub Time Machine (‘10 Rewatch) Absurd, but good unclean fun. Craig Robinson & John Cusack hold their own, but Rob Corddry steers the ship. Best bit : Football game gambling gone wrong. B-

Listening lately: Queens of the Stone Age, The Who, Run DMC, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Dwight Yoakam & 80’s movie Soundtracks – Lost Boys, Footloose, St. Elmo’s Fire, Beverly Hills Cop…

Paul Simon is good all the time.

Before New York was the Big Apple, it was called ‘New Orange.’ When the Dutch captured New York from the English in 1673, they renamed it New Orange in honor of William III of Orange. The following year, the English regained control and ditched the “Orange.”

Remember a few years back when we canceled the Bowling Green weatherman for squeezing a set of virtual knockers? Good times. #HonkHonk

Why did the butter slide down the hill? It was on a roll.

“Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring: ‘How to Build a Boat.’” – Steven Wright



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