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At Yellowberri, we take great pride in working with people to make a difference. When we started working with the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, we found a great opportunity with SCK LAUNCH.

South Central Kentucky Learning About Unique and New Careers Here

SCK LAUNCH is a partnership between the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, the Bowling Green Independent School District, Warren County Public Schools, and local businesses to ensure our future graduates succeed in their careers. However, in reality, it is so much more than that.

Providing for Educators, Students, and Businesses

We took on rebuilding a revolutionary approach to school partnerships based on The Leader In Me program developed by Franklin Covey.

SCK LAUNCH was developed for older students to better educate them on the seven high growth opportunities, most needed sectors in south-central Kentucky. Our goal was to help keep more young people in our area to meet demands for the local workforce while building pride in creating a better place to live here in our city.

Video Interviews and Documentation

Interviewing over 50 persons from 24 businesses in our region, we captured what it was really like and what is expected when entering into the workforce. These videos give a snippet into real people’s lives to generate interest in students as they seek out their careers.

SCK Website and Online Portal

With new branding, videos, animation, and messages, we redesigned the website navigation and created a portal to connect businesses with teachers and students interested in their field.

Helping to give teachers eye-opening insights into the sectors of work that our community needs while connecting students with opportunities to experience, first hand, what a career in their chosen field may look like has been an amazing opportunity.

Working Together

We are currently implementing the program, creating material and ideas, connecting with students, and creating a capital campaign to ensure the program continues for the next decade. We look forward to seeing the results in the years to come.