Shogun Restaurants

Amazing product & great people

When we started working with Shogun many years ago, they had a different approach to business. Having been a staple for 20 years in the area, their flagship restaurant was very successful, but they were looking at ways to expand. They had one food trailer, a new Bistro restaurant, and a business in a neighboring city that needed some work. We always like working with hard-working and down to earth people, and Shogun had it all. We saw many opportunities when we started working with them and dug right in with a social media explosion that has propelled them into owning the restaurant space in a city with over 300+ restaurants and beyond.


Choose Wisely

Shogun now has 4 food trucks, 3 Shogun Express locations, 5 Flagship restaurants, race track locations, catering opportunities and was the first presence downtown for late-night food opportunities. We do very little advertising outside of our own social media presence with our ads frequently targeting over 200k impressions for less money than traditional advertising.