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The planet is due a good violent volcanic eruption.



The planet is due a good violent volcanic eruption.


Worst part about having a Doberman Pinscher is he frightens away the Latter-day Saints. I miss talking to those dudes. I bet they’d miss me too.


I’m enjoying the Potato Head debate, please, by all means, DON’T shut up.


The new is up and under construction.

Dad With A Daughter Talk

I believe every MALE should have their junk tied up at birth, then, at age 25, you must pass a general aptitude test, hold a job for at least one year and raise a well-behaved dog to have the procedure reversed.


Seriously, at this point, why is Tiger driving anything but a golf cart & a 1 wood? Get well #GOAT

Happy Gilmore 2? ‘Bout time! –…/status/1364640456701804547…

He needs to be investigated, interrogated, subsequently incarcerated & possibly castrated. See how easy that was, when you’re not in a cult. Cuomo has got to go. 


President Biden has two (2) GERMAN Shepherds. I just think it’s UnAmerican. ….AND Where. My. Money. Son?


There’s only one letter that doesn’t appear in any U.S. state name. Q


LB’s birthday is on Earth Day, so just before her 5th birthday she decided she wanted an ‘Earth’ themed party. With that, she asked for an Earth shaped piñata…Beating the Earth into oblivion seemed wrong to me, so I had to explain we’re not Republicans.


Listening lately: The Police, Black Crowes, Rusted Root, Vance Joy, Eminem & Leon Bridges…


Who wants to start a Paul Simon cover band? We can call it “Al.”


Gabagool – Wow. Operetta. Composition storytelling. 1st listen – headphones. Samples love, warm, sonic, long game, thick, versatile, confused, relieved, landing. Smooth. Wonderful. Pop Plus. A+


“You still listen to CDs & your earbuds have wires. You’re really showing your age, Dad.” – #LaneyBell


Jane’s Addiction had a good song.


So, Springsteen’s ‘arrest’ turns out to be a joke. Some under-qualified, power hungry, rent-a-cop wanted a dinner story to tell about the day he nabbed The Boss.


The longest English word is 189,819 letters long and would take 3.5hrs to say.


Cornbread > all the carbs


“If you sit on a commode backwards, you also have a table.” – Derrick Hunt … #LifeHack





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