You can’t bully Marty McFly & expect condolences from me.
As far as I care, Mr. Limbaugh met his demise long ago. #ButtHead

People who pronounce Massachusetts with a ‘toose’ are low totem pole.

My 2021 eating habits were significantly improved, until now. Fresh start on Monday? Sounds good. Let’s air fry something.

You can’t bully Marty McFly & expect condolences from me. As far as I care, Mr. Limbaugh met his demise long ago. #ButtHead


A lot of nasty press on NASA wasting cash while people are poverty-stricken. OK, but there’s no real reason we can’t science AND help fellow man. We just choose not to, because, ya know, ‘bootstraps’ and all that BS. – Cold War Space Race was a unifier, not only for the USA & USSR, but all of humanity. I’m still lobbying for a Moon Summit, as nations launch their best & brightest for good beers & discussion, all while sharing a same view of Homestead 1 WORLD.

Snow Dogs=Mud Dogs. 3×4=12 muddy feet to clean. Nightmarish. #ThePriceOfK9s

1st world things supposed to be helpful, but are not and bother me: Car windows that roll all the way down without being told & touchless sink faucets.


LB: “What are we going to eat for our special dinner on Valentine’s Day?”
Jen & I: “Absolutely anything you want. We can cook your fav…”
“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Are you sure?”
…We ate Subway.

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (‘21) Netflix: I was entertained enough. Odd. We say it was self-inflicted, but we’ll never know? B-

Listening lately: Bjork, Billie Holiday, Santana, The Clash, Brittany Spears, Dwight Yokam, Butch Walker & Marvelous Three, Beatles, John Williams scores, Men at Work.

Southern music trivia: The reason Bocephus started wearing a beard is he got facial scarring due to a rock-climbing fall.

COLBERT QUESTIONNAIRE: Best sandwich? Honey turkey, Swiss, on Rye, lettuce, tomato, Mayo.

One thing you own you should throw out? DVDs. But, no.

Scariest animal? Spiders.

Apples or oranges? Orange you glad I didn’t say apples. #DadJokes

What autographs do you have? Michael Jordan, Dudley Moore, All of Metallica except Lars, Bruce Hornsby, Deep Roy, Cory Danziger, Jerry Springer, Mel Gibson (eventually). Did I say, Michael Jordan?

What happens when we die? I can’t know and you can’t either. Stop pretending you do, but If I get to pick – an everlasting campfire with VERY selective family, friends & Hunter Thompson and Bill Murray.

Action movie? Back to the Futures is an action movie.
Favorite smell? Burnt match.
Exercise, is it worth it? Probably.
Flat or sparkling? Bubbly.
Favorite app on phone? Spotify.
One song for the rest of your life? Dock of the Bay.
What number am I thinking of? 3. Always 3.
Describe the rest of your life in five words? Dad, hopeful, efficient, happy, satisfied. …. Honorary mentions – good & decent.

“Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”
Hunter S. Thompson (July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005)

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